6 Things you must know when you are going to buy a web hosting

What are they?
  • Price
  • Space
  • Free word press
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Customer support
  • Server speed

 So, In this article we are going to see how important these 6 things are and we will going to compare with one another.

Before we get started, I would like to inform that I am going to give away the premium plugin for WP rocket worth of $50 for free. 

I will inform how to claim that plugin, so make sure you read this article till the end.


In my opinion, price is the most important thing to buy a web hosting. Because most of us will not have much money to invest.

But the fact is we must know about the hidden charges. Most of us will go with go daddy because everyone will know about the brand but trust me guys they have so much of hidden charges.

Domain registration is just $9.85/year in go daddy which is cheapest of all and most of them will buy. Only after that every one will know about their hidden charges.

Once I was registered a new domain for 9.85$they gave me secured website, but after that I came to know I have to pay for word press separately. 

Then I paid for word press again they are asking for another $45 for secured website. So I will never recommend go daddy to my customers and my friends anymore.

So which company will give you best price without hidden charges.

Well almost everything apart from go daddy.

The best hosting service I recommend is 

Price comparison 

  • Site Ground : Starts from  3.95$ per month(Most recommended)
  • Blue host : Starts from 3.95$ per month(Most Recommended)
  • Hosgator : Starts from 3.84$ per month( Recommended)
  • Go daddy : Starts from $9.85 per year( Not recommended)
When it comes to price hosgator is the best hosting company.


Space is another most important aspect when it comes to buy web hosting. 

What is the web hosting?

Web hosting is the amount of space from the servers that we are buying from the hosting companies like blue host, site ground etc.

We actually need some space to store all our articles, products etc. If we built our own dedicated servers it will be very costly and if you are a starter it is not possible to built our own servers.

That’s where the hosting companies came. These companies are having a massive amount of servers. So if we pay to them, they will provide you some space on their server to register your website.

The more amount of space you get, the more articles and products you can store on your website and also if you have more space, your website will not slow down while loading.

The best hosting service always gives you more space.

So how much space do they give. We will compare this with startup plan itself.

Web space

When it comes to web space Blue host is the best hosting company.

With 10 GB space  you can manage up to 30,000 visitors per month. As I told early I will going to give away WP rocket plugin free. With that plugin you can easily manage up to 50,000 visitors.

I will show how to claim at the end of the topic. 

Word press
Word press is another key factor when you are going to buy a website.

What is the use of word press?

Word press is the website builder from which you can design your website of your own style. Creating a website with word press is the easiest way to startup and most of the websites are using word press as their website builder.

The best hosting service provides you the free word press installation.

What is the cost of word press ?

Well if you buy word press from their official websites, they will charge you 14.99$ per year. But if you buy hosting from the hosting companies they will provide you free word press install.

Apart from go daddy(they will charge 10$/mo), all other hosting companies having tie up with word press and they will provide you free word press install.

It is very easy to set up your word press in site ground and blue host and that is the reason we are highly recommend these hosting companies.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate is one of the important things to rank your website on google and also it helps your customers to trust your website.

What SSL certificate will do ?

The SSL(Secure sockets Layer) will mark your website as secured and also it will encrypt all the data so that hackers will not able to steal any information like email id, passwords, credit card details etc.

Recently google has launched an algorithm that if the website has not SSL certificate they will not boost up the google rankings and they will mark your website as ‘not secured’.

Please find the below image, so that you can able to find how SSL works

Can you get free SSL certificate?

The actual cost of SSL certificate is around Rs 3000 per year. But it is applicable for dedicated servers only.

But if you are building a website almost all the hosting companies will provide you free SSL certificates except go daddy. If you use go daddy they will give you free SSL if you use their web builder. If you use word press in go daddy you need to pay around Rs 2500 per year.

Apart from go daddy all the others are best hosting service when it comes to SSL.

Customer support

Why the customer support is so important?

Well, if you are the beginner you might see some you tube videos and read relevant articles like this and they told to install any software or master plugins.

Sometimes when you install those software your website might get hacked or it might slow down. As a beginner you might have lots of issues when setting things up.

We are creating websites and designing it almost more than 2 years still now are having issues and we need help from someone.

So customer service is very important for everyone in any field. We need an expert to resolve our issue.

I will rate site ground customer service at the top then blue host. Their experts are very well trained. Because if I have any issues it will resolve it for myself or I will search on internet and I will get resolution.

I will contact customer care only if I haven’t got any resolution online.

The response time for my email from site ground is very quick then I will rank blue host. Hosgator customer service also good but I will not get first contact resolution for my problems and their response time is little low.

So if you are a beginner I would highly recommend to go with blue host because of their support and their offers then my recommendation is site ground.

When it comes to customer care the best hosting service is site ground.

Server speed

Website speed is another key factor to rank on google, as per google algorithm the faster your website is the higher your google rank will be.

There are lots of things you need to do to faster your website that’s a big topic I will write separate article  for this topic.

server speed

One of the main factor for your website speed is the speed of your server.

As we already discussed, you are actually buying some space from the hosting companies who is having massive amount of servers. 

So if you need a fast website, your server must be fast and that’s the first key aspect

But how to find the fast servers? 

By experience only. We have built many website and we tried almost all the hosting companies. In my opinion site ground is having the fastest servers among all then wix having the fast server(wix is very costly) then at the third place we have blue host.

As I told you already if you are a beginner I highly recommend you to go with site ground but for now blue host is having best offer in the market so if you launching website this year you can consider blue host.

When it comes to server speed, the best hosting service is site ground

So in this article we have seen what are the best hosting service to buy web hosting.

Also we have seen what are the things we should know before launching the website.

I hope this articles helps 

All the best for your business

Claim your reward

So we have seen the best hosting service to launch your first website.

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It actually compresses images and HTML codes on your website and make them load at unbelievable speed.

So when you are launching the website with site ground or blue host with WP rocket you need not worry about the website speed.

Also if you purchase a starter plan you will get limited amount of space only, so your website can manage up to 25,000- 30,000 visitors per month.

But when you use WP rocket your website can easily manage up to 50000 visitors 

I bought this from WP rocket official store as the bulk purchase so limited quantity only available so this give away is only for first 500 people only.

How to claim it?

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What are the uses of WP rocket plugin?

Watch this video and they have explained what are the uses of WP rocket plugin and also how important it is to include such premium plugin to your website.

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