Site Ground vs Blue Host

Do you have a plan to buy a web hosting or launching a new website for your business ?

If yes then you are in the right place. Here we are going to compare the two best web hosting services in the market.

We are comparing Blue host with Site ground but it is always very difficult to find the best if both the companies are good. Yes I used almost all the hosting service including site ground and blue host. In my opinion these two are best so here I am going to tell the best out of best.

This articles is for beginners who are going to launch a new website. so I am going write about the shared web hosting only not  cloud hosting.

So what are the things we are going to compare to find the best web hosting?

1. Price
5.Beginner friendly
6.Email accounts

7.Wordpress Install
8.Free SSL
9.Domains and sub domains
12. Customer Support 

Ok now we will compare all the topics one by one to find the best web hosting service.

Price Comparison

For me price is the first thing everyone will look for. Because now a days everyone started to create a blogs or ecommerce stores to get earn some money online.

But the problem is every one of us will not born as a rich person. So we need a service which is cheap and best one to kick start of your business. But we must know about all the topics which I have mentioned at the top.

Blue host is far better than Site ground when it comes to price. Now a days we can able to see blue host ads everywhere. They are giving the ultimate discounts to all the customers who are going to launch the first website

On the other hand site ground too having some best offers but in the case of price comparison blue host will better than site ground

Compare the price on the below image


When it comes to basic plan both web hosting providers having same price but when we are comparing the price for unlimited websites surely bluehost will be the winner.


Why storage is so important ? What is use for having high storage?

We must know what is a web hosting. A web hosting is the service who provides some space on their servers to store our data and files etc.

Because to save all the files in our website we need some storage. Companies like amazon, google and facebook has built their own servers . But as a beginner we cannot able to built our own dedicated servers because it is too costly.

That’s where the web hosting service companies came. These companies will have a massive amount of space in their servers and what they will do is they will give some space for our website to store all the files.

How much space we need to kick start our first website?

To be honest 10 GB more than enough to start a website. You might need more space when your business is growing up like after 1 to 2 years. So space is another important aspect when it comes to choose web hosting. 

Find the image below to see how much space they are giving

Site ground storage
Blue host storage


Site ground giving you 10 GB Web space for a basic plan and 20 GB and 30 GB for other pans and as I told you 10 GB is more than enough to start

But Blue host provides you 50 GB space in basic plan and unlimited space in other plans which makes blue host is the winner when it comes to storage


Bandwidth is also one of the main factors when it comes to web hosting.

So what is bandwidth in web hosting?

It describes the level of traffic and the amount of data that can be transfer between your site, users and the internet. If you are a beginner, you need 10-15 GB bandwidth to start.

Luckily in both Site Ground and Blue Host they are providing unlimited bandwidth for all the plans

Unlimited bandwidth mentioned in both Site Ground and Blue Host

Site ground Bandwidth
Blue host Bandwidth


So in this case we cannot decide the winner as we have tie between these two web hosting providers.

Site Backup

A web hosting must have a backup to ensure the security of the website. It is very important for us to make sure the website is not high jacked by the hackers.

We have a free backup plugins for our website which we can integrate after creating the website. But if the website was hacked or having any security issues, those free plugins might not work at that time. 

Plugins will always work but at some times or in a bad day if it is not worked then all our work and effort will be lost.

So the solution is we need an additional backup option which must be provided by the web hosting companies to ensure that our work will not loose and our website is safe.

Does Site Ground and Blue Host will have their own backups ?

Well the question is wrong because all the web hosting companies will have the backup option for their customers.

But the real question is whether it is free or not? 

And the answer is it is absolutely free in Site ground for all the plans. In Site Ground you will get the free backups every single day from your hosting provider itself. 

Then what about Blue host?

The sad thing is there is no free option for back ups in basic plan and even in choice plan also. You will get free backup in choice plus plan only. But as a beginner we cannot afford for a choice plus plan.

We must need to pay some extra amount to the Blue host to get free backups for basic and choice plan 

First image is the backup feature in Site Ground basic plan and the second one is Blue Host Choice plus plan

Free backup site ground basic plan
Free backup for Blue Host choice plus plan


When it comes to backups Site Ground is the best site to host than the Blue Host.

Beginner friendly

The hosting setup must be the beginner friendly and it must be done with the single click. Which means everyone should able to use the c panel without any help or issues. If the hosting provider built that kind of c panel then we can say it is beginner friendly.

Because as a beginner I always like to do all the settings by myself to get the experience.

In Site Ground the c panel is very beginner friendly, you need not browse to google or you tube to get the help for setting things up.

But the things are little complicated in blue host to set the things up. If you are a complete beginner to start this, I recommend to browse on you tube then do all the settings.


It is obviously Site Ground having the far better c panel then the Blue host and it will perfectly suit for beginners

E-mail accounts

If you are the beginner, it is not so necessary to have the email account. But when your business starts growing you must have official email account to gain the trust from your clients.

It is also important to create a support mail id for your customers and it is very effective way to do customer service to your customers.

Again we have a tie in this case because both Site ground and Blue host are allowed you to create an official email account.

Word press install

If you are going to build a website with cms tool or any other tools means you can leave this topic. But most of the beginners will use wordpress only as it is very easy to use.

We must be careful while choosing web hosting whether we need to pay separately to word press or not. In some hosting like go daddy you need to pay extra amount for word press. In some other hosting it will be free for first year only.

But it is not like that in case of Site Ground or Blue host. It is fully free to install wordpress in both web hosting.


Also we need to look out whether it is easy to install or not. As I told you earlier Site Ground having a beginner friendly c panel  so it is very easy to install wordpress in Sight Ground than Blue Host


Though Site Ground having a beginner friendly c panel than Blue host we will have another tie in this case as both are free to install.

Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)

SSL is the standard security technology for establishing the encrypted link between the web server and your browser. Which means all the data and files in your website is encrypted and it cannot be edited or modified by others.

In simple definition if your website is having a SSL certificate all the data in your website is secured and it is very difficult to steal it. Hackers will not try to attack the website if it is having SSL certificate so it is very important to have SSL in  your website.

Please see the above image if your website does not contain SSL, Google will mark your website as not secure which means the visitors or customers who comes to visit your site will not put any information on your site like name passwords card details etc.

As per Google algorithm if your website does not have SSL, Google will not consider your website to rank on google.

How much the SSL cost ?

There is a lots of companies available to encrypt all the data and provide you the SSL and for that service you need to spend some amount. But luckily both Site Ground and Blue Host having a tie up with ‘let’s encrypt’ which is also a SSL provider.


Site Ground SSL certificate
Blue Host SSL


Since both web hosting providers having a tie up with let’s encrypt it is free to install the SSL certificate. But it is always easy to do anything in Sight Ground c panel than the Blue Host still we have another tie.

Domains and sub domains

Domain and sub domains are the another important aspect when it comes to web hosting. Because when it comes to online money earning journey we cannot able to make much by single website.

So we need to know whether we can able to add multiple domains and sub domains under single plan.

Unfortunately we can add only one domain in both Site Ground and Blue host of you are using a basic plan. But if you buy a choice or choice plus in Blue host and Go big or Go geek plan in Site Ground, you can able to add more than one domain.

Ok now we have a question like can we add a sub domain in Site Ground and Blue host?

Before that what is meant by Sub domain ?

I will tell you in very simple way.

I have a website called . In this website we are giving reviews for home appliances and it is created for home appliances only.

But now I am writing the topic about Web hosting. If I want to create a sub domain for web hosting topic I can create . This domain is the sub domain of my domain .

I hope you understand.

If you are a blogger and you are going to cover more than 1 topic you might need a sub domain to rank on google.

So the service provider must allow you to add the sub domains for free

Now lets compare

Both Site Ground and Blue Host allowed to add sub domains in to your website. But the problem with Site Ground you cannot add Sub domain with Basic plan. And in Blue Host  you can add up to 25 sub domains in basic plan itself which is a very hige amount of sub domains.


Comparing Basic plans of Site Ground and Blue Host for Sub domain.


With the above information we can surely tell you that when it comes to Sub domains Blue Host is better than Site Ground.

Server speed

The speed of your website will also plays a vital role in Google ranking. If your website loads very slowly, users will close the window and they will switch to another website. It will consistently decrease average time by a user in your website.

If this happens Google algorithm will think you might have a useless content in your website so what Google will do is it will decrease your rank in search engine. It has been officially informed by the google that they will rank the fast ranking websites at top of the search results.

If you need a proof just go and search anything on google and then go to 10th or 11th page and open a website. Those websites will be very slow in case of loading.

So getting a faster websites plays a main role in SEO.

How to get a fast website?

They will be lots of options available to speed up your website. Some of the premium plugins and some expert advice might solve the problem. But it will not solve permanently if your server is slow.

We need to create a website with the company who is having a fast servers. If the server is slow whatever you do it will not work.  

First image is the server speed of Site Ground and the second one is Blue Host server speed

By the above image we can clearly see that Site Ground having a fast server than Blue Host but how Site Ground server is so fast.

The answer is Site Ground having their servers in 4 locations in the world USA, London, Netherlands and Singapore whereas Blue host having their server at USA only so we can able to see in the image that Blue Host is faster than Site Ground only in USA.

If you are from the USA or nearby to USA, you can choose Blue host that might work for you.


From the above information we can clearly say that the winner is Site Ground.


Why do we need a migration?

If I am using a GoDaddy web hosting and I have created a website and I created more than 10 pages and 20 posts. Suddenly I came to know they have some hidden charges from next year or I came to know the server will going to down within few months.

I like to migrate my website with the same domain, pages, filed and posts to new web hosting. Can I able to do it without any additional charge?

The simple answer is no.

But in Site Ground if you are choosing a Go Big plan or Go Geek plan you can migrate only one website without any additional fee. The Site Ground will safely migrate all your files from the existing server. This will not available if you choose basic plan.

If you choose basic plan you need to pat $30.00 as the additional fee to Site Ground.

What about the Blue host

You will not get a free option even if you choose choice or choice plus plan in Blue Host.

You should pay $149.00 to blue host and you can migrate up to 5 websites.

Price comparison between Site Ground and Blue Host in terms of migration


Easy win for Site Ground in this topic

Customer Support

So the last topic is the customer support comparison between Site Ground and Blue Host.

Trust me guys customer service is the most important thing in when it comes to buy a web hosting. You can choose the web hosting based on the price, server speed etc. But one thing you must look is customer service.

I have faced lots of issues and everyone will face some kind of an issue and we cannot able to fix it and the strange thing is they will be solution available in google or you tube but it never work and sometimes you might get very new issue.

If you want to rectify, it you need an expert to fix it. I have creating Blogs, woo commerce stores to my customers for the last 3 years but still I will face some issues and I will rectify most the issues but even now some for some of the issues I need the help of the customer service.

Then imagine about the beginner who is new to this field and  doesn’t even know anything about this market.

My experience as the customer

So if you are a complete beginner, I would recommend to choose Site Ground because it is far better than the Blue Host.

The chat help will connect within 2 minutes to the expert and you will get the answers for the tickets within in a minutes and this is amazing.

The response time of blue host is very slow when compared to site ground and they will take so much of time to give the update for a ticket. They resolved most of the problems almost 85% of my problems even though they took more time.

But Site Ground solved 100% of my problems and they took lesser amount of time.


From my experience Site Ground is having very knowledgeable experts than the Blue Host.


When you can choose Blue Host?

  • When you have limited amount of money
  • While you are going to create lots of sub domains
  • You are going to create a massive amount of content and you need a more storage as 10GB is not enough for you.
  • If you are in USA as Blue host servers are faster than Site Ground in USA

Why you can choose Site Ground?

  • You can choose Site Ground if you are a complete beginner as c panel is beginner friendly and easy to use
  • If you need a direct backups from the web hosting provider itself.
  • when you are going to migrate a site from another service provider.
  • If you need a faster website as Site Ground servers are super fast apart from USA
  • They have a great customer support to work with.

Site Ground or Blue host

To be honest in My opinion Site Ground is the better option to go with than the Blue host. The only good thing in Blue host is they will give you lots of space and sub domains in basic plan.

Apart from that Site Ground wins almost all the necessary features which makes Site Ground is a winner.

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