How to get traffic for your affiliate links from pinterest


Pinterest is one of the hidden treasures to get traffic for your website. Pinterest is not a social media, basically it’s just a search engine like google, Bing, yahoo etc.

You need to create images, which is known as pins and you need to upload those pins with Pinterest.

You should write a clear description and title for your pin. Based on the keywords, Pinterest search engine will show your pin to their audience.

To save a pin, you need a board, so you need to create boards to save your pins.

For example, if you select the fitness niche, you need to create boards and you must name those boards with keywords like, ‘health and fitness’, ‘Best fitness tips’ etc. and also you need to give the proper description for all the boards in which you need to include the keywords.

So, let’s see how we can do this.

By this end of the article, you will know,

  1. How to get started with pinterest.
  2. How to create beautiful pins.
  3. How to promote your affiliate links on pinterest.
  4. Importance of group board.
  5. How to join group boards.
  6. Tailwind Tribes is an hidden gem.

Please note that, Pinterest will not allow some affiliate links directly to promote. Hence we must write a blog post for our product and we will promote our blog post on pinterest and try to get more sales.

If you don’t know how to use blogs or how to earn money with blog post, you can read my previous article how to start successful online business using blog.

Also, if you are a complete beginner for affiliate marketing, I would recommend you to read one of my article affiliate marketing for beginners.

If you don’t have a blog, you can create a free website from or Alternatively you can use SiteGround or BlueHost, to create a new website using your own domain.

Ok, Now let’s jump into our topic.

How to get started with pinterest

Ok, now the product is ready, the blog post is ready, and we have created the boards to save our pins. Now, we need to create beautiful pins to save to our boards.

You need to create at least 15 different boards and you should save other people pins. Because you should not put your profile empty. So just save 20-30 other people pins into your profile for 10 days.

Apart from that, you need to create 1-2 personal board and you need not post anything on the personal board at the beginning.

Once you reach 100 pins, Just type some keywords on the search bar and you can able to see the top results with similar niche.

You need to follow the followers of the similar accounts of you and in Pinterest, you will get 30-35% follow back. You need to follow 200 people per day. From that you will get 60 follow back.

If you did that 10days, you will easily cross 500 followers.

If you follow the above steps, you will get 500 followers and 100 pins at the end of 10 days.

Once you have reached this, you need to convert your account into business account and after that you need to add your website to your profile.

Once you have added your website, you need to follow some instructions on Pinterest to verify your website.

How to create pins

Once you have verified your website, you can start to create your own pins and post that into your profile.

For that, you need 2 things, one is images and another one is editing tool.

Do not take or download images from google. Because, more than 90% of google images are subjected to copyrights. So, you will face unnecessary problems, if you put google images.

To get free images, there are lots of websites available. You can use any of them. I will mention some of the websites below, you can download free images to create any posts for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or even for your blog also.


You can download any images from the above websites.

Once you have downloaded, you need to edit those images and create a perfect pin.

To do that, there is a free tool available called

Canva is the very amazing tool to create or edit stock images, Facebook cover, YouTube cover, Facebook and Instagram posts, Pinterest images, eBook cover etc. You can do anything with canva and there are lots of free photos available in canva you can use the too.

Once you went to, you need to create a pin. For that you need to select add new and then choose custom dimension.

You need to choose height as 1500 pixels and width as 1200 pixels and this dimension are recommended. In my experience 1500*1200 pins got high click through rate (CTR) than any other dimensions.

After that, you need upload the images or you can use the canva images also. Then you need to enter some keywords on your pins and change the background and text color. Once you have done, you can save.

I will mention some of the pins below, you can set those pins as an example and you can create your own pins similar to this, based on your niche.

Sample pins

Pin sample

pin for pinterest

pinterest pin


How to promote your article on Pinterest?

Now, you have everything in your hand, To promote your article on Pinterest, you need to add your pins into your personal board which you have created earlier.

You need to give the proper title and 4-5 lines clear description with proper keywords and then they will be option called add the destination link, you need to put the URL of the blog which you are going to promote.

You must create at least 5 new pins every day. Once you post that into your personal board, you need to save the same pins into other boards.

You have created 15 boards, from those you need to post this pins in first 5 boards on first day, second 5 boards on second day and so on.

You need to post 5 new pins every day for at least 1 month. If you do this, you can create 150 pins for your blog post and if you save it at least 1 time in every board, by the end of 30 days, you can able to save 2250 pins for single blog post.

As I already mentioned, you need to follow 200 people every day.

If you did everything right, you can generate massive traffic from Pinterest.

The main thing is you need to select correct images and convert it into a beautiful pin and the you should write proper description and headings for your board and for your pins.

Just do the above-mentioned steps again and again, you will get massive traffic for your website so that google can give you higher rank and you will get more sales.

Importance of group boards.

Since, you are a beginner, it is very hard to grow on pinterest. So, once you get around 1000 followers, you should join other people boards which is known as group boards.

Group boards are very effective in pinterest, you can able to post your pin to other people followers, if you put that pin in group board.

For example: if you joined as a contributor in one of the top group board and that board is having 1 million followers, your pin can reach for that 1 million followers. So, it is easy to get more vistiors, if you are the part of large group boards.

But the problem is the group board admin will not accept you, if you are a beginner. You need atleast 1000 followers to join a group board which is having 15-20k followers.

Even, if it is a small group board, it will give you more traffic.

How to join group boards.

Joining the group board is the invite only program only. So, if the group board admin invites you to join the group board, you can able to join. Without invitation, you cannot join any group boards.

To join the group board, you need to search some keywords on the search bar based on your niche.

Once you got the results, you need to filter the results to board and all the boards similar to the niche will appear.

You need to inspect every board and on the board description, they have mentioned some rules to become the contributor for that board.

There are so many contributors available under a single board. So, you need to find the group board admin. So, you need to click on the contributors image.

Once you clicked, you can able to see lots of profile. On those profile, the first one will be the group board admin.

I will provide you some image so that you can able to understand it better.

First you need to search keywords based on your niche and then filter those results like the below mentioned results.

Pinterest group boards

Once you filtered, you can able to see all the boards. The boards which have multiple contributor image is known as group boards. You can see the below image to understand this.

Then you need to click on the group boards to find the group board admin. You can able to see the list of contributors on the below image.

Once you click on the contributors, it will either redirect into the group admin’s profile or it will display all the contributors. If it displays all the contributors, the first person on the list will be the board admin. You need to copy the group board admin’s name.

Once you copied the name of the gropu board admin’s name, You need to click the message icon and then search for that person.

Once you found that person, you should message the group board’s admin and you should ask them to invite you as the contributor.

For that, you need read the board’s description first. If you see the third image, they said you need to pin only 5 images per day and also you should not spam anything.

Once you read everything, just send the message to the group board admin.

You need to send them a message like,

Hi (Name)

I am (your name) from (Your company or website name).

I would like to join your board as a contributor.(you need to mention the group board name)

I understand that I should pin only 5 images per day(according to rules you may change)

I understand that spam is not acceptable in the group board and I promise that I will follow all the group board rules and I will be a regular contributor to this board.

Please invite me in to your group board and I am very excited to be a contributor to your board.

My email id will be(your mail)

Thank you
(your name and website name)

You can use the above format to send the message to the group admins.

As I already told you, if you are a complete beginner they may not consider you. You should have atleast 1000 followers. If you message 20 group board admins, you may get invitations from either 1 or 2 admins.

Once you have joined the group boards, you need to follow the rules and then repin your pins into the group boards.

Tailwind tribes

Tailwind tribes is an hidden gem when it comes to pinterest marketing. Tailwind is the community where the people will accept to share each other’s pin to their user.

You need to share other people pins in tailwind community and they will share yours. So it is a win and win situation for everyone.

You can just go Google tailwind tribes and click on the first result. Just create a free acoount on tailwind and follow the instructions to get started.

Uses of tailwind

You will get insane amount of impressions and traffic if you use tailwind correctly. The main thing is you there are lots of tribes will be available inside tailwind, you need to choose the correct tribe and you need to post your pin.

For free account you can put 30 pins per month. If you want to post more pins, they will have a pro plan which costs $15 per month or $119 per year.

It is very highly recommended to invest on pro plan, rather getting invested in some cheap software or courses, you can invest some money in this awesome software.

Another best part is they will have smart loop inside tailwind. As I mentioned earlier, you need repin your pins repeatedly, this smart loop will help you to repin your pins automatically.

If you created 40 pins and you want to repin that in to 3-4 boards, you can create a smart loop and it will automatically repin all your pins, you need not do anything.

But the problem is you can able to schedule only 100 pins on smart loop, if you selected a free plan after that you should update your plan.

If you have a pro plan in tailwind and if you followed all my above strategies, you can able to generateb massive traffic from pinterest.

Some important links

If you are a complete beginner and you are trying to make some money online, some of the below links will be very helpful to you.

  1. How to start affiliate marketing business as a beginner by common reviews.
  2. ClickBank university program by Click Bank.
  3. Super affiliate program by John Crestani.
  4. 12 minutes affiliate program by Devon Brown.
  5. How to earn money online using blog by commonreviews.
  6. Earn money on youtube without showing your face by Mike Williams.

Ok, that’s it for today. Growing on pinterest might look so hard but it hasn’t. Infact it is very easy and you will get guaranteed results, if you using pinterest.

If you use other streams to get traffic, you may get results or sometimes you won’t but with pinterst, if you work hard, you will surely get some good results.

If you wants to know about the facebook and instagram marketing, you may read this article.

Thank you for reading this article.


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