How to Start Small Business with Blog Online Business ideas for beginners

Hello everyone, Welcome to our website. In this article I will going to show, How to start an online business using blog?

By the end of this article, you will know

  1. Why do we need a blog
  2. How to select a perfect niche for our website
  3. How to create a blog
  4. How to write SEO friendly article
  5. How to rank your article on Google
  6. What are the different ways to earn money online with your blog.

I will going to explain each topics step by step so make sure you read the article till the end.

Also I have written 6 best ways to earn money online and how to start a successful affiliate marketing program. Both articles are complete beginner guide. Don’t forgot to check it out.

Why do we need a blog?

Whenever a anyone comes to do a business online, they must need a website. I agree that we can earn some money even without website but that is for parttime workers or even if someone do it fulltime online job without a website, they can do that.

So this article is not for the online workers, it is for the people who are going to start their own business online.

Starting our own online business without a website is the very poor decision. Because if you run a website for 2-3 years and If it generate massive income, it will be your asset and you can sell your website for 24times of it’s profit.

For example, If I have a blog and I have monitize it perfectly and I am running this website for 2 years. I am generating just $1000 per month which means only $12,000 per year. Even if my income is very less, I can able to sell this website with 24 times of it’s income which means I can able to sell $288,880.

Then imagine how much my website value will be if my income is $50000 per year. So if your a owner of a website, it will be your own asset and it is your life saver.

How to select a perfect niche for your website?

The basic idea to monitize your blog is to write some really good content and place some Google ads and promote other website courses and products in your website an getting commissions from other websites.

The most crucial part is selecting your niche. Your niche must be more interactive and it must be trending all the time and it must solve customer’s problem.

There are billions of searches has been done on Google on every single day. You can select a niche with high search volume and you need to do content regularly based on the niche.

It is also important to select a niche based on your own interest. Because everyday there were thousands of searches has been done for all the niches.

For example if you are interested in talking about movies, you can start a movie review blog and start to promote some movies in your website and get the commissions from them. If you like politics or sports, you can write content about those specfic topics.

So selecting a perfect niche is a very crucial part and please note that for each and every niche, you will have a competitors who already ruled on those niche and you need to compete with them to get succeed.

How to create your blog?

Creating a very well designed blog is another crucial part for this online business. You need to create a neat and clean, well formatted website to make the good reading experience.

How to create a blog and how much you need to invest?

You can create a blog with free of cost itself. Just go to google and type they will have a premium and free plans to start your website. Choose free plan and follow the instruction to get started.

Apart from wordpress you can create free website with or

But the main problem is they will be lots of limitations when you create free websites.

They will give you limited amount of space only so if you create more content your website will get slow down and you will not get customer support if you have a trouble.

So if you are going to start a business for a full time I recommend you must spend some money and create a new website with your own domain name.

Why it is recommended to pay for website even if I get free?

Free website providers will have a slow servers and it will decrease your rank in google also if your website was hacked or something happened wrongly it is very hard to recover if you are using a free website.

But if you paid for some hosting company to get a domain name and hosting for your blog they will have a regular backups for your website.

So all the efforts and your work will not get wasted.

How do I get hosting and domain name for my website?

There are lots and lots of companies are available on the market like GoDaddy, hosgator, Site Ground, Blue Host, hostinger etc.

And in my experience I have created websites, ecommerce store, blogs for me and my clients with almost all the hosting providers.

Among these hosting companies my recommendations are Site Ground and Blue Host . These two hosting companies are amazing in my experience.

So if you like to but a web hosting you can choose either Site Ground or Blue Host

Before you are going to buy a hosting if you are a beginner I would strongly suggest you to read the article here to find which is the best hosting company and why?

So blogging is the best way to earn money online from home. You can also use use blog as your affiliate website or ecommerce store.

How to write SEO friendly article?

Writing an article is the next step in your online business. You need to write lots of content go get more and more traffic.

You might heard some expert’s advice and they told like you should create less content and optimize it again and again to get rank on Google.

Guys that’s seriously an horrible advice. You might not need lots of content after one year. But as a beginner you must erite more content and keep engaging on your website.

If you create more content then Google can easily crawl your pages and posts and give the rank on google based on google.

If your website has not enough content then how google can rank your website. You need to think about ir and start to post more and more content.

How much article I should write?

Write articles as many as you can. It is recommended to post atleast 2 articles per week and atleast 8-10 article per month.

You need to write a keyword and write the article with your targeted keyword. To find the perfect keyword, there are lots of tools available in the market and the best one that I am using is ahrefs and it is the best keyword research tool as well as SEO tool.

But the concern is ahrefs is too costly and if you are a beginner, you cannot able to use it because they charge you too much cost.

So they will be a best free tool called uber suggest and it is completely free tool that you can able to use.

Just go to youtube and search for ‘Uber Suggest for beginners’, you can able to see lots of videos which teaches how to use that tool.

Once you have done select 6-10 keywords out of those 2-3 keywords should be very high competitive and rest of the keywords you can choose low competitive keywords.

After that you need you install a free plugin called Yoast SEO plugin in wordpress to optimize your article into SEO friendly.

Online business

I have attached the image which is the yoast report for this article(The one which you are reading now).

From the above image, you can able to see I have one problem and 2 improvements in this article which I need to do to completely optimize this article. This is how yoast seo works.

You must need a proper research on keywords and you need to use proper tools to write your article.

Content length

The length of the article also plays an important role in SEO. You must write a very big article to beat your competitors. Because Google always likes a very long and informative article and it is highly useful in SEO(I will explain about this in next topic).

Your article must be very informative and It must solves customer’s problem and you should write an article neat and clear with detailed explanation.

For example: If you are going to write about diabetes, you need to give the overview of diabetes then you need to explain the types of diabetes, symptoms, causes of diabetes, how to cure that, how to control diabtetes from the beginning stage and so on.

If your content is very big, google will rank you for more and more keywords. From the above example, if you write the article from the above mentioned format, Google will rank you for atleast 20-25 keywords for sure.

The recommended length to beat you competitors at any niche is 5000-6000 words. You need to write atleast 500-600 words bigger than your competitor.

For that you need to go to google and search for one of your targeted keyword and at the first page you can able to see the 1st article just click on that(don’t click on ads).

Just copy the entire article and paste it on MS word and it will show to the length of the article.

If the length of the rank 1 article is 3000 words then you need to write atleast 3700-4000 words.

So writing a perfect article is the main root for your online business tree.

How to rank your article on Google?

Ranking your website on google is not the easiest thing to do. Infact to know about google algorithm, you need lots of experience. But it is not necessery to search and learn about google algorithm.

When you post more and more content, you will have a clear idea about google algorithm.

To rank your article on google, you need to know some basic things. And the most important part is you need lots of patience to rank.

If you are a beginner, it might take 3-4 months to rank first page in google. But you need to understand this concept from the google’s end.

Each and everyday there are thousands of website created all over the world and there are millions of articles are written all over the world.

Google need to rank all of the websites and article based on the google algorithm. Then think how much websites and article google needs to rank for each and every month.

Google needs some basic idea about your website to rank you on google for that you need to create lots of pages and lots of categories and the main important thing is you need to write lots of content based on keyword which I explained earlier.

Tips to rank your article on google

To be honest I am not the master of SEO but I can give you some basic tips to rank you on google and just do the basics right and you will surely get the higher rank on google after some months.

We can seperate this SEO tips in to two parts

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO
On page SEO

On page SEO means that you need to optimize your content inside your website. If you do on page SEO, Google will have a general idea about your website and rank your website according to the keywords you used.

  1. Your website should be neat and clean and it should have good user experience which means you website must be easy to navigate.
  2. Your website need to have some important pages like Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy pages. It will increase the trust on you towards google. If you don’t know how to write terms and condition just go to google and type auto terms and condition and privacy policy generator and there is lots of websites are available, you can generate your terms and it is free to use.
  3. As I mentioned earlier, your website must have lots of content and you need to post atleast twice in every single week. Because if you write more and more content, google will think it’s not your timepass blog and you are really active online and the trust towards your website will increase more. Because most of the people will work hard for 2 months and then they give up and they will lost the trust on google and google never rank such websites if they are not active.
  4. To rank your article on google, your content must be bigger than your competitor as I mentioned earlier. Also you must not spam the content and you must need to more informative.
  5. Average time per user: It is also plays a major role in SEO. The user must spend more time in your article to inform the google that your website has good content. For example if I write an article about best web hosting service and I ranked 5th position on google. If a user clicks 4th and 5th result on google and he is reading my competitors content 4 minutes and my content 5 minutes, Google think my content is more informative than my competitor. If more users doing the same thing, google surely put my article on 4th rank.
  6. To increase the average time of an user, you need to put some youtube videos in between the article and it must be related to your article, it is 100% legal. If you don’t know how to put the videos, you can search on google. So if anyone came to read your wrticle, they started to watch the video and it will increase the average time.
  7. You need to write proper heading and meta description based on your keyword and also you need to search your competitors heading and meta description and you should make similar to that.
  8. You need to use proper tools as I mentioned in the previous topic. You must have proper SEO plugins like yoast SEO or all in one SEO pack. Also you need to do proper research on keywords using ahrefs tool. If you are a beginner, you can use uber suggest as ahrefs is too costly.
  9. Your website must be a mobile friendly so don’t put unnecessery banner ads and images in between the article. For 5000 words article maximum 8-10 images and 2-3 banner ads recommended to keep your article mobile friendly.
  10. Last advice I like to give you is your website must be loaded fast. If you did everything is right and you website also ranked on first page, it is very important to keep your spot on first page. For that website page is very important. Whenever a user search for something, they will not click only on first link. They will open atleast 4-5 links on new tabs and which tab is loaded first user prefers to read that topic and the user will close rest of the tabs so in this case the average time per user will be decreased very much and it might push your rank backwards.
  11. To increase the speed of your website, you need to use a lightweight theme such as generate press, oceam wp etc. Also don’t put so much unnecessery images on your post which will decrease the loading time of your website. You need to compress the images using and and then put that compressed image into your post. Also when you start earning, you need to buy a plugin called WP rocket which makes your website lightning fast.

They are lots and lots of complicated SEO tips was there when it’s comes to ranking. I have mentioned some important and basic on page SEO tips and make sure you use this to rank your website on google.

You need to concentrate on page SEO first to improve your online business.

Off page SEO

To improve your online business, you need to contentrate off page SEO also. When everything is fine in on page SEO, you need to go to the next step of the optimization.

If your niche or an article is so competitive, off page SEO plays the vital role in ranking. Because the more number of users vists your website apart from search engines, your website will gain more trust and it will boost your rank on google.

So creating backlinks is the most important part in off page SEO.

What are backlinks?

When  you scroll up this article, I have mantioned some hyperlinks for site ground and blue host in ‘how to create your blog’ section. If you click on that link, it will redirect you to site ground or blue host websites.

So those websites will get traffic from my blog without the direct help of search engine. Those links are called backlinks.

Similarly if someone links your article or website into their blog, you will get traffic if someone clicks the link on their website without the help of search engine. So creating a backlinks is not the easy thing to do you need to ask the backlink with the similar websites.

If you have more high quality backlinks, you will get more traffic without search engine which will force the google to give the higher rank on search results.

You must not spam your link everywhere. If you do that it is the high level of stupidity. If you create a fake backlink or spam backlink, Google will give you penalty and if it happened it will be a huge drop for your online business.

Google penalty means google will put your website, article, pages to the last result their search engine and your online business will never raise again if that happened. So don’t spam your link everywhere to create a backlink.

How to create safe backlinks?

You can fix the google penalty but it will take so much time and you need to spend thousands of dollars to fix that. So I will give to some tips to create backlinks and you will get only little amount of traffic with thse backlinks but still google can crawl those backlinks and consider your website to rank higher.

  1. If you need more traffic with your backlink, you must link your website to your competitors website or any other similar website who are getting more traffic. You need to contact the website admin and request for the backlink. If you give request for 50-60 people 1 or 2 might respond if you are lucky. So it is a very bad idea to do.
  2. To create a backlink, you need to create some free websites with or You need to create 3-4 website. Whenever you are posting any article on your website, you need to copy and paste half of the article and post on those free websites and at the end you need to link your main article. You will not get more traffic but still it will be very powerful backlinks
  3. You need to search for your niche based forums and comment on those articles with your link. For example: If you have written the article about diabetes, you need to search on google ‘Top diabates forums’ and google will display you results. You need to read the entire article and post the comment on that article and put your link on that comment. Again don’t spam any comment and don’t put same comment on all the article. You must read the full article and put the comment which is similar to that article and you need to write atleast 4-6 lines. At the end of the comment you need to write like ‘I have also written an article on my website similar to this niche I will put the link here, please share your thoughts on that article’. You will get more traffic when you do that but if you put the comment which is not similar to that article, the admin of the website will delete the comment.
  4. Just go to and find the questions which are related to your article. For example: If I wrote the article about best software for email marketing, I will go to quora and on the search box I will search some keywords like, ’email marketing software’, ‘autoresponder software’, ‘auto email sender’. Then quora will display all the questions related to this keyword. Give the proper answer to the question about 6-7 lines or even 10 lines and then put the link and type “to know more information click here”. Just try to answer atleast 10 questions. Again don’t spam your link, quora is very strict and it will block your account.If you put one or two lines answer, readers will not click on your link. Just provide some valuable information briefly and then put your link. If your answer is very good and perfectly suitable for that question, google will rank your answer at the top of the page. Quora and Forums are like a hidden tresures. You need to do some basics right to get more traffic.
  5. Reddit- Reddit is the very big community in the market and they have sub community in almost all the topics. Just go to and post your story with link. You will get lots of traffic in reddit.
  6. Medium: Medium is also a very good platform to rank in google. Go to and write a story about your post about 1000 words and link it to your website. If your niche is not having much competition, you medium story will rank on google.

To improve your online business and to improve your rank on google, you need to give equal importance to on page SEO as well as off page SEO.

What are the different way to earn money online with your blog?

Ok now you have created a beautiful website and created a beautiful content also you have done enough with SEO so what next? You need to earn money that’s the only reason you started the online business and did all the hard work.

Please note that it will take mimimun of 3 months to earn your first dollar. If you have enough content and you will everything correctly, it will take 3 months but the average time to earn money in your online business as a blogger is 5-6 months.

You need to apply for google adsense first. Usually you will get approval from google adsense within a month or two but if you are in Asian countries like India, Pakistan or some of the african countries it might take 4-5 months to get approval for adsense.

You need to put google ads in between the article and also in side bars. It is recommended to put 1 ad in side bar and 2 ads in between the article for about 3000 words article.

At the beginning google will pay you $2 to $5 for 1000 ad impressions and it depends on the niche. If you have 2000 views per month for one article and if you have 20 articles, on the average you will get $120 to $150.

So you can passively generate more and more income only with google adsense.

Apart from that you need to participate in affiliate marketing where you can find the golden tresure. You should participate lots of affiliate programs and get the commissions from them.

If you need more information about affiliate programs, I have written a separate article about how to start an affiliate marketing online business as a beginner, make sure you read that article as well.

I hope that I have given some useful information to you to kick start your online business.

As I already mentioned, you need lots of patience to start your online business. Once you started to make some money, you will be unstoppable.

So never lose your hope and All the best for your online business.

If you have any queries or doubts, comment down below or you can write to [email protected]




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