How to Start a Successful YouTube channel without filming


You tube is one of the fastest growing network in the world. You can earn online from blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping etc. But if you need a quick result, YouTube is the best way to earn money online.

Creating a YouTube video without filming

I know that most of the people will feel shy to show the face infront of camera. But still you can make some cool videos without showing your face.

The main thing is you need some cool or informative content to your audience. If you have some great ideas with you, you can surely get success on Youtube.

There are several ways to create the videos without showing our face or even without filming anything.

The two methods which I recommend to create a YouTube video is

  1. Content videos.
  2. Doodle videos.

I will explain you, how to create those videos and post it on YouTube.

Before that, you need to select a perfect niche to create those videos.

How to select a perfect niche

Selecting a niche is the crucial part in marketing. You must know your basic plans and also you should know what are the people you are going to target and how much people are interested in your product.

Infact there are millions of searches going on Google and Youtube, and people always searching for something and for all the niches you must have a competition and you have to beat your competitor to rank on Google as well as Youtube.

You must have a proper search like which products are trending and what are the products which are selling good in the market.

Which niche can convert well?

The best way to earn money online is, you must need to have more than 1 income stream. You will never be a millionaire within a single day with YouTube and for adsense approval, you need to create regular videos on your channel and try to get 1000 subscribers as well as 4000 watching hours.

I will take some time to achieve that target to get adsense approval. So, if you need to earn money quickly, you must join in some affiliate programs and create a review videos and put your affiliate link on the description.

As I already told you, you need a perfect niche which should converts well to get the faster results.

You need to select a niche and It must solve the customer’s problem.

Generally, the product which solves the customer’s problem will convert very well.

I will mention some of the niches, which solves the customer’s problem directly. You can select any of the niches or you can select the niche of your own with the above information.

  1. Weight loss is one of the best niches which converts well for the years.
  2. Women’s fitness is the high converting niche in health and fitness category.
  3. Hair loss is the most trending niche and it also converting well.
  4. How to create a website.
  5. Best web hosting provider.
  6. Manifesting.
  7. Train your dog.
  8. Best exercise to make your body fit.
  9. Any sports niche.

The above mentioned examples are the samples and it converts well for me in the recent times. You can go with this if you need.

Create a review for your product.

Once you have selected a niche, you need to participate any of the affiliate programs such as click bank, amazon, jvzoo, web hosting programs etc. Then you need to select a poduct which you can promote.

Once you get the product, you need to search for a review on Google for that product.

Google will display all the reviews about the product and read all those reviews clearly and then rewrite the same reviews with your own words.

You need to create a videos about 6-10 minutes for that you should write a review about 800-1200 words.

If you don’t know how to rewrite an article, just go an type on google ‘free article spinner’, a website will appear and you need to copy the review which you have read early, and paste it on article spinner.

The article spinner tool will spin the words and it will give you the same review with different words. Just edit and modify it as your own, you will get your own review.

Create a content video.

Now you have a product as well as article. So, we are ready to create a content video. There are 2 ways to do this.

First one is you need to create some presentation slides and create your own video with open shot software. But it will take atleast one week to create a content video.

But the most recommended way to create a content video is to create it with software.

There are lots of software available on the market to create a content video. Just go to google and type ‘content video software’. You can download anyone of the software.

Once you have downmoaded, you need to upload your review into the software. Based on the keywords in your review, your software will create automatic slides for you.

Then you need to input the audio. To input the audio, there are two options.

One is you need to read the review and record it on your phone or any other device and upload it into your software. Your software will merge the audio and the slides.

But, if your voice is too bad in recording or voice recorder which you have used is not upto the mark, you video will end up with the low quality.

So, there will be an option in almost all the software to create a robot voice to read your content.

The automatic robot voice is recomended to create a content video as the voice is high quality and the language of the robot voice is very much professional.

So all you did is just invested some time in creating a video.

Rest of the things like, creating a review, creating slides, creating audio and everything has been done automatically.

Once the video has been created, you need to watch the videos atleast 3-4 times. Because some of the automated slides may not look too good. If you found any slides is not too good, you can delete the slide or insert your own image to the slide to make it loojk professional.

If you are a beginner, it will take around 1 day to create one video. Once you have familiar with this, you can create 3-4 videos per day.

You can also create a freelancing account on fiver or upwork and create some content videos to your clients and you can charge from $35 and upto $100 per video based on the length.

You can also join our master course to become a professional on creating a content video in very short time. Get your free trail today.

Create Doodle videos

Content videos are more than enough to create high quality videos on any niche. You can earn upto $100 per day easily in this method and the best part is, You Tube is one of the best ways to earn passive income.

If you don’t like the content videos, doodle videos are the best alternative solution for that.

For doodle videos, there will be lots of software available and you can google it and find anyone of the software.

It is very similar to the content videos. But instead of creating slides, you need to find some images and upload it on the software and the software will automatically create  doodle videos for you.

To get some cool images for free, you need to go for or and type your product name or niche name in the website search box and it will display lot’s of images and you can download and upload it on your doodle software.

Similar to the content videos, doodle videos are also easy to create and it will take 1 day to create 1 video if you are a beginner.

Again you can create a freelancer account and create doodle videos for your clients to earn more money.

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That’s it for today. If you have any doubts or queries, you can comment down below or you can send a mail to [email protected]

Thank you for reading this article and all the best for your business. Have a nice day.


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