How to promote your product and affiliate links on facebook and instagram

Are you a complete beginner for affiliate marketing?

When we start doing our online business, our patience will be tested more than anything else.

It will take atleast 3 months to earn money online, if you are lucky. Because some people, may not get success for 5 to 6 months.

So, in this article, I am going to tell you step by step instructions, what are the different ways to promote the products online, and I will explain every topic step by step. So make sure you read the article till the end.

By the end of this article you will know,

  1. What are the best affiliate programs to join to get started.
  2. Facebook marketing strategy.
  3. How to write an article for your product.
  4. How to promote your product on facebook.
  5. Instagram traffic.
  6. Creating instagram business account,
  7. How to promote your affiliate links on instagram.

If you put all the strategies togeather, you will get income within 3 months.

If you are a complete beginner to online business, please read some my previous articles, 6 best ways to earn money online, affiliate marketing business for beginners.

What are the best affiliate programs to get started?

I have already mentioned some great affiliate networks from which we can earn lots of money in my previous article, affiliate marketing business for beginners.

  1. Click bank affiliate programs.
  2. Amazon associates programs.
  3. JVzoo affiliates(if click bank is banned in your country).
  4. Web hosting affiliate programs.
  5. Click funnels affilates.
  6. Get response affiliates.

You can sign up any 2-3 of the affiliate programs and then you can start promoting them.

Since, this article will become so long, I will not going to explain you about the commission rates for the above mentioned programs.

If you want to know more information about the above mentioned affiliate programs, I have already written an article and I have explained everything about affiliate marketing and how to choose perfect niche. You can read that article here affiliate marketing business for beginners.

Also, you must need a website to become a successful affiliate marketer and most of the below mentioned strategies will work, only if you have a own website.

If you don’t have a website, you can create a new website with either SiteGround or Bluehost.

You can read this article, why I recommend SiteGround and BlueHost for web hosting.

Now we will going to jump in to our topic.

Facebook marketing.

Everyone will say, facebook already died and we cannot able to do marketing on facebook. But, even now also, I can able to generate massive amount of leads and sales in facebook.

All you need is correct strategy.

So, what is the strategy?

First, you need to choose a perfect niche. Once you have selected your niche, you need to create a page based on your niche and you need to verify all the details and then you have to link your website into your page.

You should upload a perfect cover photos and perfect profile pictures on your page and make it more professional. Also, the name of your page should contain your niche.

For example, if you are choosing basket ball niche, you may name your page as ‘basket ball masters’ or ‘basket ball experts’.

Once you have done, you need to select the product on your niche to promote. Once you have selected, just go search in facebook and join the related groups and like similar pages on your niche.

Write an article about your product

Once everything has done, you need to create a bridge page. Which means you need to write an article about your niche. If you don’t know anything about your niche, just go and search on google for information and then modify those information with your own words.

You need to write an article about 1200-1500 words and it must contains your affiliate links, banners and clickable images. You must have clear and decent landing page to get more conversion.

So, the basic plan is we are not directly going to promote your product. Instead, we will promote our blog post on facebook.

You might ask, why should we promote the blog instead of product.
  1. The facebook, google, pinterest, instagram and almost all the search engine algorithm knows what are the affiliate links and what are the blog links and generally all the algorithm will not like affiliate links and they will consider the affiliate link as a spam. So, if you put your affiliate links more places, your account will get banned.
  2. If your website gets more views by social medias like facebook or instagram, google will consider to rank your website at the first page of the search results. If that happened, you will get lots of traffic, which means you can put more sales earn more money.
  3. As I told you, for other platforms like pinterest or instagram also not like affiliate links and in pinterest you cannot able to post with affiliate link and you need to create landing page and it is a necessary one.
  4. With landing page, you can collect customer’s email id and build high quality email list and it will increase your conversion level(we will see this in email marketing section).

From the above information, I have explained, why we are promoting our blog post instead of product.

How to promote your blog post on facebook?

Now, we joined some facebook groups based on our niche and also we have liked some similar facebook pages. All you have to do is you need to find some videos from the groups and pages. The video must got lots of views and shares.

You need to download those videos and you should upload it on your page.

It is 100% legal in facebook and instagram to post other people’s posts and videos but you must give credits to them.

To give them credits, you need to include ‘credits: @pagename’ in your description.

You need to post the video with clear description and you must include credits on the first line after that you need to write a brief information about your product which you are going to promote.

After the information, you need to put your blog post link on the description. Facebook will not consider the blog posts link as a spam.

You need to put 2-3 videos per day and you should wait for sometimes for any of your videos gets viral.

If you put 40-50 videos, atleast 3-4 videos will get viral and you will get more traffic.

You must have a clear and descent landing pages to get more conversions.

How much profit we can expect from this method?

We will do little calculation and this calculation is based on minimum results only. But in reality, if you do everything correctly, you must get more profit.

Let’s do a simple calculation.

Let’s assume our commission is atleast $30 per sale.

We will put 2 videos per day and we worked 25 days per month. Which means we put 50 videos for one month.

Since, we already researched the videos which get more likes and shares. Most of our videos will get more views easily.

Let’s say atleast 10% of the videos gets viral and we assume 90% videos has failed.

So, 5 videos get viral and got more views and shares.

Let’s say we get only 200 clicks on the links from one viral video.

For 5 videos, we will get 1000 clicks in one month.

Eventhough we have a very good landing page and we provided all the necessary information in our website, We assume that we will get only 2% conversion rate on this product.

Even if it is only 2% conversion, we will get 20 sales.

Which means we will get $600 profit for one month by doing this simple work.

It will take hardly 30-40 minutes to find 2 videos, download it and upload that to our page with proper description.

Since, the above calculation has beed done based on assumption, you will get better results than that, if you do everything correctly.

Instagram traffic.

Instagram marketing is one of the free and a very powerful stream for traffic. The best part is even if you are a complete beginner, you can able to do facebook marketing and instagram marketing.

We have already covered some basic topics facebook strategy. When it comes to instagram, the plan will be same but you need to tinker the strategy.

For instagram, you need to handle all the posts with care as instagram converts very well when we compared to facebook.

The plan is so simple. We already have an article so, we will going to send traffic to that blog post but we will going to use the instagram audience.

How to make money with instagram?

The first thing you need to do is create an instagram account and convert that into the business account. Then go to the description and write a clear overview of your product which you are going to promote then you need to connect your instagram account with your facebook page.

The main problem with instagram is you will not able to put any links on the instagram posts. In facebook, you may not put affiliate links but still you can put blog posts link in all the posts.

But in instagram, you can able to put links only on your profile. You need to go to settings and then they will be an option called website, you should paste your blog post url.

Once you have done, you need to search for the similar accounts. You need to follow the followers of the similar accounts.

They are your targeted audience, if they follow the similar kind of an account based on your niche, they might have interested on your niche.

Since, people are more engaging on instagram, you will get higher conversion rate when we compared to facebook. But you need to do additional work in instagram.

How to get more traffic to our website from instagram?

Before starting everything, you need to put atleast 10-15 posts in your instagram account. You need to implement the same strategy which we did on facebook.

Just go to similar accounts and get those videos, post it on your instagram account and give credits to them.

Once you have posted, you need to follow the people from the similar account as I already told you.

You need a good profile picture, beautiful bio and decent amount of posts. If you have all this in your profile, you will get 20% followback.

I usually get 35-40% follow back from the people as I will create stunning profile picture and also some great posts to start my account. But in average you will get 20% followback.

You need to follow 120-140 people per day and you need to follow 60-70 people on morning and 60-70 people on evening. You will get approximately 30 followers per day.

There are lots of auto bots available to auto follow the people. Don’t use that, you instagram account will get blocked parmanently. Also, follow just 130-150 people per day.

If you follow more people, instagram algorithm will think you are a spam and it will block your instagram account.

You need to do this for atleast 7 days or until you reach 200 followers. Once you have done it, you can start posting videos.

Since, we are not able to put links on the description, you need to mention ‘link on the bio’, on your post description.

You need to put atleast 2 posts per day. You need follow other people followers till you reach atleast 300 posts or 10,000 followers.

Once you reached that milestone, you need not follow the other people followers again as you will be in top 5 in search results in instagram for your niche and you will get followers automatically.

Since, instagram marketing seems little hard when we compares to facebook, you need to spend only one hour per day to do all those things. But, you need to wait for altelast 3-4 months to get better results as we will get good results in facebook within 1-2 months.

You can promote in both instagram and facebook because, if you get more social traffic for your blog post, you will get better search rank on google.

So, that’s it for today. If you want more articles like this, you can subscribe our news letter.

Read our next article to know how to promote your product on pinterest.

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