Best ways to earn or make money online fast

Have you ever tired of going job? Are you the one who is looking to start a own business online ?

If your answer is yes then you are in right place. I was also once an employer in famous ecommerce company in India. Then get tired and bored what I was doing then I came to the online money earning world now I got more and more websites, more income.

You can earn or make some money online as a college student and you can make money online from home it doesn’t really matter. You need to put lots of efforts and time.

So in this article I am going to teach you how you can start your own online business and how you can earn money online for free without putting any money.

And the best part is you will get passive income when it comes to online business.

What is passive income?

Passive income means you can monetize your content or video or any other work for a long time and you will get an income from that particular source for the long period of time.

For example : I am writing this article and it took almost 2-3 days to write and check the content an post it on my website. I will take another 3-4 days to do search engine optimization for this content that’s it.

This content will stay in this website for the long time(atleast 1 year) Even after one year if I change some content in this article and repost it on next year it will give me income for next year also.

This same process will go on and I will receive income each and every year.

So you need to do some hardwork now and you will get income forever.

How do I get income by doing this?

From the above example I took 7 days to complete an article. If this article is eligible for google adsense, I will get google advertisement on this article and google pay me every single visits.

If this article is here for 5 years I can generate income from google ads for 5 years remember I did only 7days work to write and post this content. This is called passive income. I hope now you have an idea about passive income.

This is how you make money with google.

Please note that the above example is just for your reference.

Now I am going to share you what are the best ways to make money or earn online.

Please note that if you are looking for a part time job or part time income, this is not a topic for you. Only the people who are interested to earn money online for full time can try any one of the business.

These methods can work all around the world but I mainly targeted India market.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the simplest and easiest way to start our journey in making money online. I will tell you how to make money online with your own websites.

What is blogging how do I get income on blogging?

The example which I have mentioned earlier for passive income is the best example for blogging. I need to write a good content for the people to read and you need to post is on to your blog and do optimize your content then wait for few months that’s it you can able to start earning money.

The main question how much time it will take to generate income ?

It will take minimum of 2-3 months to rank your website on google and it will take minimum 4-6 months to get adsense approval in India(it will change if you are from any other country).

You might ask why it take so much time to get income!

The answer each and every single day there are thousands of websites and blogs are created and millions of articles are posted online. So Google will rank the websites for the people who are having a blog or website for a long time.

The most important thing is you should keep posting good content and optimizing each and every content and pages in your website and you must not think about early results. If you keep on posting good content, you will surely rank on the first page of google.

How to get started?

The main factor is you need to select a perfect niche to post on your blog. For example if you like smart phones you need a website based on smart phones and you need to put content or review on new smart phones.

So if a person search ‘best smart phone in India under 15,000’ and your content is similar to this query google will display your content. You can put google ads on your content to get income from google and also you can put amazon ads to get commission from amazon.

How to create a blog and how much you need to invest?

You can create a blog with free of cost itself. Just go to google and type they will have a premium and free plans to start your website. Choose free plan and follow the instruction to get started.

Apart from wordpress you can create free website with or

But the main problem is they will be lots of limitations when you create free websites. They will give you limited amount of space only so if you create more content your website will get slow down and you will not get customer support if you have a trouble.

So if you are going to start a business for a full time I recommend you must spend some money and create a new website with your own domain name.

Why it is recommended to pay for website even if I get free?

Free website providers will have a slow servers and it will decrease your rank in google also if your website was hacked or something happened wrongly it is very hard to recover if you are using a free website.

But if you paid for some hosting company to get a domain name and hosting for your blog they will have a regular backups for your website.

So all the efforts and your work will not get wasted.

How do I get hosting and domain name for my website?

There are lots and lots of companies are available on the market like GoDaddy, hosgator, Site Ground, Blue Host, hostinger etc. And in my experience I have created websites, ecommerce store, blogs for me and my clients with almost all the hosting providers. Among these hosting companies my recommendations are Site Ground and Blue Host . These two hosting companies are amazing in my experience. So if you like to but a web hosting you can choose either Site Ground or Blue Host Before you are going to buy a hosting if you are a beginner I would strongly suggest you to read the article here to find which is the best hosting company and why?. Once you created a new blog you can select your niche and start posting an article.

Click on the first image to buy hosting on Site Ground and Click on the second image to buy hosting in Blue Host

                                                                                   Site Ground Hosting plans

So blogging is the best way to earn money online. You can also use use blog as your affiliate website or ecommerce store hence I am ranking this at top.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Whenever you type on Google or Youtube or any other search engine like “How to make money online” you can able to find the top most result will be affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the method where you can promote other people or brand products online or offline to get commissions for each and every sale.

For example if I have created a software and I invested $1000 for that software and I want to sell that software. I have a plan to get $10000 profit with that software. So I decided the price of the software is $200. But I don’t know how to sell it to the interested people and I don’t know who are all interested with the software I created.

So I asked help to my friend who is good in selling and I told him that if he market my product and got sales I will give him 50% commissions which means $100.

If my friend get 200 sales, I can able to achieve my profit of $10000. Similarly my friend also get $10000.

So it is win to win for everyone. This is called affiliate marketing.

What are the best affiliate programs ?

There are lots and lots of companies in the market who is having an affiliate programs and if we promote their product they will get more sales and so they will give commissions for each and every sales.

I have participated in lots of affiliate programs and got commissions from them. I will list some great affiliate networks below so that you can start your journey.

Affliate marketing best way to earn money online

Best affiliate programs
  1. Click bank affiliate program(banned in some countries still we can create, I will write a separate article)
  2. Amazon associates program( Best one for beginners)
  3.  JVzoo (Click Bank alternate)
  4.  Site Ground affiliate
  5.  Blue Host affiliate (Best affiliate program for web hosting)
  6.  Click funnel affiliate programs ( best affiliate program for sales funnel)
  7.  Get response affiliate programs ( best one for email marketing lovers).

You can register anyone this platforms and start your affiliate marketing. If you are a beginner, amazon associates is the most recommended affilaite program.

How to promote the affiliate products?

There are lots ways to promote your affiliate links, but the best way is to create a blog with Site Ground or Blue Host.

You can write a description or review about the product that you are going to promote and try to get rank in Google so that people will visit your pages and have a high chance to get convert and also you will get money by Google ads.

That’s why I put blogging at the first place you can use your blog in multiple ways. So having a own website is the most important one to earn money online.

I will mention some other methods so can promote your products and I will explain each and every type in another article.

Best ways to promote your affiliate links
  1. Write a detail description or review about your product about 1000 words in your blog.
  2. Email marketing is the best way to convert all the products.
  3. Creating funnels can increase your conversion percentage.
  4. Facebook and Google ads are the affective ways to get results quickly.
  5. Social media marketing is the free powerful tool to get high number of sales.
  6. Creating a pinterest profile and promote to pinterest is my favourite way to get traffic.
  7. Promote products through You tube channel

Since we need to cover 4 more topics, I will write a separate article “How to start affiliate marketing business”

3. Starting a You Tube channel

Well we must include this in our list. You need lots and lots of time to grow in blogging or in affiliate marketing. If you need a quick results just go and create a You tube channel.

There were nearly millions of videos uploaded in You tube. It is the most effective way to get quick results to earn money online.

How can I earn money online through You tube?

You can choose any topic and speak on You tube. If you get more and more likes and subscribers, Google starts to monitize your website and they will give you video ads.

Once you get those ads you can place those ads inbetween or beginning of the videos. So if anyone comes to watch your videos you will get paid because they will see your videos along with Google ads.

For example Google will agree to give you $3 for 1000 ad views and you put 8 videos in a month. If one video got 10,000 views then 8 videos will get 80,000 views then you will get $240 for one month.

Then imagine if you put 10-15 videos each and every month. You will get passive income each and every month for your new videos as well as old videos.

Earn money online through You Tube

Affiliate markeing with You tube

You can also do affiliate marketing in your You tube channel and it is the most effective way to earn money online.

You can give the review to the any of your affiliate products on You tube like their specifications or advantages as a video and put your affiliate link in your description and say like “I found the best price in amazon, link on the description”, people those who are interested will buy that product. Also you will money with Google ads also.

So you will get both affiliate commissions as well as Google ads revenue.

What is the eligibility to get Google ads in my You tube channel?

This is where everyone will get stucked. Because Google will not give ads for all the You tube channel. So it is very very important to give the good content to the audiances.

The basic eligibility to get Google ads is you need atleast 1000 subscribes and 400000 watch minutes in the last 365 days.

For example if I create a You tube channel today on 17th Sep 2019, I must get 1000 subscribers and 400000 watch minutes before 16th Sep 2020. If you need more details about this, you can go and refer You tube terms and conditions.

So if you re not getting enough subscribers or watch minutes, don’t give up. Just create more and more videos again.

Put atleast 8-10 videos per month. Do this or atleast 3-4 months. If you do that you can able to find the one video which gets viral and give you all the subscribers and watch minutes to earn money online.

What are the best topics to speak to make my channel popular quickly?

You can literally speak anyting and I am sure you will get succeed whatever topics you choose. But if you want to get popular quickly, I will mention some of the topics below, you can try this out.

  1.  Reviews about new movies(If the movie is bad just put all the negative points, you will surely get attention)
  2. Political speech (We are using this and it is very effective)
  3.  Trending personality (For example Hima das in India)
  4. Trending topics either worldwide or in your country(Example: Amazon forest, Economic depression)
  5. Sports (Youn can speak about the famous sports games)
  6. Self Confidence(You can able to see 100k or 200k views within a year but no one used it)

Ok now half of the topics are covered. We will going to see another 3 topics to finish of this article.

4.Share Market

Share market is the 4th in the list of making passive income. And I must tell you need lots of skills to do this.

You can start website without coding skills, you can start affiliate marketing without marketing skills and start you tube channel without editing skill to earn online.

But you never earn money without some serious economist skills in share market.

I have created a demat account in zerodha and I bought shares and I got some profits. Since I am not an economist and it is not the topic I familiar with I decided to deactivate the demat account and started other ways to earn money online.

Stock market earn money online

How Share Market works?

If I am a business man and I am planning to develop my business and my requirement is $50000 but I am not going to take risk with my company revenue.

In the above case I am 100% share holder in my company which means whatever the profit or loss everything in my company’s revenue it’s upto me I will take it.

But if I need additional $50000 investment to growup the business, I will link my company with share market and I will ready to sell 10% of the share to the people who are ready to invest on my company.

If 100 people invested in my company with each of $500 and my company gets profit on the next month by 2% each invester will get $510 in return.

So $10 is the profit for the invester. If we invest more companies, we can get more revenue.

But what the risk is if that company get 2% loss then we will get only $490 in return. Now this is the risk in the share market.

So we must research everything going on the market and we have to know which department will going to down and which industries got more demand and we need to invest accordingly.

As I told you it requires lots of skills but once you knew everything about it you can able to generate massive income. Because most of the billionaires are the investers.

How to start?

Just go and start the demat account with anyone of the companies or your bank. Once you done it you can search some basic things on google or you can spend some money join share market courses and start to invest.

5. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is the first business which I started online. And yes I was very successful on dropshipping. But it’s very hard to get succeeded in drop shipping business.

Whenever you go and search on google how to earn money online, you will get dropshipping as one of the method to earn money online.

What is meant by dropshipping?

Most of the people in India might not familiar with dropshipping. It is simply a online store. But is not a ecommerce store and there is a lots of difference between ecommerce store and drop shipping store.

In  dropshipping we doesn’t need to handle any product and we doesn’t need any of our own product to start with. What we need to do is, we should find the products online which is very low cost and we can import it in to our store with higher amount.

So whenever a person will purchase that product we will order the same product on their behalf and get the difference amount as the profit.

For example

I have a online dropshipping store and I found gaming mouse is the top selling product online.

The average price of gaming mouse is $60 in Google but I found a same mouse of $30 in from china. So I will copy all the products images description in to my online store(We have separate free software to do all the things) and I given the price of the product is $45.

Now my product is ready and I will going to advertise it in facebook using facebook ads. Let’s say I invested $5 for facebook ads per sale.

The average price is $60 and we are selling for $45 so people will surely gets interested with facebook ads and will buy on your store for $45. While ordering they will provide all the details such as email id, contact number, address etc.

Now you need to go to and order the same product on behalf of the customers and put customer’s address, name and contact number in aliexpress. Now aliexpress will ship the product to customer.

So you will get $15 profit and you invested $5 to facebook ads and the net revenue is $1o.

If you get 100 sales, you will get $1000 for one product.

It seems to be a very big process. Of course it is a very big process but everything can be done by the single software with one simple click.

You might have a doubt like how to find the products which is very cheap. Just go to and compare the same products with you will know the difference.

Because most of the products in amazon, ebay, wallmart etc came from aliexpress only. Aliexpress is the only website is enough to start your dropshipping.

How to create a dropshipping store ?

You can create a normal website with Site Ground or Blue Host and install a plugin called woocommerce which makes your website as a ecommerce store and you must install another plugin called ali dropshipping which helps you to import the products and order in behalf of customer with single click

There is also an alternative way to do that.

You can create a dropshipping store using shopify and install oberlo plugin and that is the easy way to startup with.  You can create anyone this method and both are equally good.

6. Become a Freelancer

Free lancer is another simple and effective way to earn money online. It is the most recommended way to start making money online with $0. Most of the people are beginners and doesn’t even know how to start and where to start.

The major problem with most of us is we have lots of ideas to develop ourself but we do not have enough money to invest it.

We must need some kind of an investment on the above 5 topics but to become a freelancer we do not need any money. We can create a free account and update our talents and if anyone needs our service they will do their project with you.

How we can earn money as a freelancer?

There are lots of freelancing companies available on the market. You can create an account with any one of the companies.,, are some of the examples of freelancing companies. is the most recommended one for a beginner because there are lots of good buyers available on fiver.

You can upload your talents and skills which you can able to do in your profile and wait for the order.

If I have a fiver account and I have some skills in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, blogging or in article writing. I will update all this in my profile. Whenever a person needs any of these service for them they will contact me and provide their needs.

Once they shared they will pay us via fiver and we can start our work and deliver it to the buyer.

freelancer easy way to earn money online

For example

If someone is asking for an article about how to make money online. I will write similar content to this article and deliver to my buyer in MS word format.

I can able to charge my services of my own. If I charge $5 for 500 words, this article contain 4000 words and I can easily sell this article for $80-$90 in fiver.

This is how freelancing service works. I want to give you a small trick which I used when I started.

If you are an article writer just go and find similar sellers who are also article writers and see what they offers.

If they charge 10$ for 1000 words article, you can charge $10 for 1500 words article. This is the simple way to attract buyers from your side at the beginning. Once you get good ratings you can increase your charge.

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading this article. If you are going to start a new business, All the best for you.

Everyone will achieve one day.

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