How to start your Affiliate Marketing Business as a Beginner

Are you a complete beginner for affiliate marketing?

If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. Because by the end of this article you will now

  1. How affiliate marketing works and what is affiliate marketing definition
  2. What are the best affiliate marketing programs to kickstart your journey
  3. How to select a perfect niche
  4. How to promote your products online

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If you a complete beginner to make earn money online, I have already written an article about 6 ways to earn money online in 2019 and 2020 for beginners. You can also check that out.

How affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is the method where you can promote other people or brand products online or offline to get commissions for each and every sale.

For example if I have created a software and I invested $1000 for that software and I want to sell it. I have a plan to get $10000 profit with that software. So I decided the price of the software is $200. But I don’t know how to sell it to the interested people and I don’t know who are all interested with the software I created.

So I asked help to my friend who is good in selling and I told him that if he market my product and got sales I will give him 50% commissions which means $100.

If my friend get 200 sales, I can able to achieve my profit of $10000. Similarly my friend also get $10000.

So it is win to win for everyone. This is called affiliate marketing.

Before getting started, I would recommend you to join any of the following courses which will really help you to scale your affiliate marketing business at the highest level.

  1. ClickBank university program by Click Bank.
  2. Super affiliate program by John Crestani.
  3. 12 minutes affiliate program by Devon Brown.

How much time it will take to earn on Affiliate marketing ?

Everyone must have this question whenever they give a try to start any online business. To be honest, online business is very hard to do. You need more time to invest, if you want to scale your business quickly.

If you have investment to get traffic, you can start earn money within a week.

There are only to ways, either you should invest time or you need to invest money. Without these investment, it is impossible to earn money online.

If you have more than $1000, you can go with facebook ads or you can buy solo ads from and it will take almost 7-10 days to get the result.

If you have more than $2000 then the best way is to do the advertisement is Google ads. With Google ads, you will get highest conversion rates and you can make money within 1-2 days.

Let’s say, you don’t have any investment. Then you need a website and try to rank the website on Google or you need to know about the facebook, instagram or pinterest marketing.

For that you need to invest atleast 7-8 hours per day for 3-4 months. After that it will be a complete passive income and it’s a snow ball effect and it will go again and again.

Requirements for affiliate marketing

So, the next question is what are the things you need to start an affiliate marketing ?

You need a basic internet connection and a desktop to start any online business.

If you have investment and you are decided to buy traffic then you need to start your own website using  Site Ground and Blue Host or you can create a landing page using mailchimp or link tree.

Once you have created a landing page, you can send traffic to that landing page. You can collect the emails from the traffic and followup them to get more sales.

If you don’t know how to start everything, I have mentioned some good affiliate marketing courses above, you can check those courses.

For the second set of people who do not have any investment, you still need to put some investment to create a website.

You can create a website under $100 with Site Ground and Blue Host for one year.

If you still do not have even $100, you can create a free website using, or But it is not recommended as the free websites have lots of limitations. I will mention those limitations in the later part of the article.

If you don’t want to create a website and you don’t have any investment means, you can still bale to promote a product and get sales.

You should create an instagram account and you need to work on it to get atleast 10,000 followers and also you need facebook page with atleast 10,000 likes. Social media marketing is the powerful source. If you have a power social media account then you may not need a website.

You can also create a free pinterest account and scale it up.

So it will take almost 3-4 months, if you don’t have any investment upfront.

My recommendation is to wait atleast for 6 months to get proper income from affiliate marketing so don’t give up at the beginning itself.

What are the best affiliate programs to kickstart your journey?

There are lots and lots of companies in the market who is having an affiliate programs and if we promote their product they will get more sales and so they will give commissions for each and every sales.

I have participated in lots of affiliate programs and got commissions from them. I will list some great affiliate networks below so that you can start your journey.

  1. Click bank affiliate program(banned in some countries still we can create, you can contact us to create clickbank account)
  2. Affiliate marketing program by amazon(Amazon associate program Best one for beginners)
  3.  JVzoo (Click Bank alternate)
  4.  Web hosting affiliate programs.
  5.  Click funnel affiliate programs ( best affiliate program for sales funnel)
  6.  Get response affiliate programs ( best one for email marketing lovers).

You can register anyone this platforms and start your affiliate marketing. If you are a beginner, amazon associates is the most recommended affilaite program.

So now we will going to see about all the affiliate programs and their offers so that you can choose any programs by yourself. I is recommended to start one or 2 programs at the beginning. Once you start earning money online, you can participate other affiliate networks.

Click Bank

As I told you, I have participated all the affiliate programs mentioned above and I must tell you that Click Bank is the best affiliate program and it is the biggest income generator for me in.

Affiliate marketing with click bank is also recommended for beginners.

But the problem is if you are from India or some other Asian or African countries you will not able to create an click bank account because of their terms and conditions.

Because most of the people especially from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some African countries will spam the link and they will do fake sales etc that’s why there are lots of affiliate programs cannot run in this countries.

But still you can able to create Click Bank account in these countires( if you need a click bank account contact us at [email protected])

You can able to see how much they are giving for each sale, they will give 50-70% commissions for each and every sale which is huge. For the above products they are giving $30 for each sale which means more than Rs 2000 every sale. So if we put only 10 sales, we can able to earn Rs 20000.

Now the problem is you cannot target Asian people to promote your product. That is a very bad idea. If you are planning to do Click Bank affiliate marketing, you must target USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, New zealand and Canada.

Not only for Click Bank. If you are from India, you can promote only Amazon, Site Ground and Blue Host in India. If you are try to promote other affiliate programs product, you literlally waste your time.

Also if you are a complete beginner better you can choose Click Bank at the later part of your business because you need lots of marketing skills needed to promote the Click Bank products.

If you want to start to promote click bank products immediately as a beginner, you can join clickbank university.

I will tell you the different ways to promote at the later part of this article.

Amazon associates programs

Affiliate marketing in amazon is the most recommended way to start your affiliate marketing bussiness . If you are from India, start your affilaite marketing with amazon on not program will not have a direct bank transfer to Indian associates) and start promoting amazon products to your friends, family members or in social media.

You need not much skills incase of affiliate marketing in amazon as everyone knows about amazon.

You can earn huge amount of money with amazon associates programs.

Since amazon products can convert easily they commission rates will be very low. With Click Bank they can give 75-90% commissions as they have lots of downsells and upsells.

But in amazon you can able to earn upto 10% commissions only.

But if you are a complete beginner you must try amazon associates program, gain some experience and then jump in to other associates programs.

JVzoo affiliate programs

JVzoo affiliate programs is also a good affiliate platform to promote products. The best part is they will have lots of good products and it is a larger community than Click Bank

For those who are not getting sales in Click Bank or unable to create Click Bank account, JVzoo is the best alternate option.

Because JVzoo can work in all the countries and they have lots of vareity in their category.

Jvzoo affiliate marketing

Since JVzoo having lots of vareity in their products and accept affiliates from all parts of the world they are one of the best affiliatre programs to join with.

The only concern is they will give 30-40% commissions per sale which is higher only but when compared to Click Bank it is a bit lower.

We also have rakuten marketing, cj affiliates etc as an alternatives of Click Bank but their commission rates are even lower than JVzoo

Web hosting affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing with hosting companies is the most growing platform in 2019 and also it will be the huge market in next 2 years also.

Believe me guys this is a very big industry and if you have good marketing skills you can make tons and tons of money with them.

For those who are not aware of this, if we want to create a website we need domain and hosting and these companies will sell the domains and hosting to their customes.

If you are referring the customers who are willing to create a website, you will get commissions from these companies.

How it is the most growing platforms ?

Just go and type Google “How many websites created each and every day” you will see the results.

There are thousands of websites, ecommerce stores, drop shipping stores, blogs created each and everyday. Because everyone wants to start the own website and everyone wants to earn online. It is necessary for everyone to have a website.

Which is the best program to join?

To be honest all the web hosting providers will have affiliate programs. The best part is everyone will give huge amount of commissions. I honestly don’t know about all the affiliate programs as there are lost of hosting providers available.

I will mention some the affiliate programs below, you can shoose any of them

  1. Blue Host
  2. Site Ground
  3. Hostinger
  4. Hosgator
  6. Go Daddy

I have used Blue Host, Site Ground and Hosgator. All are good affiliate programs.

Blue Host can pay $65 per sale while Site Ground and Hosgator will pay $50 per sale. Once you crossed 15 sales, Site Ground and Blue Host will pay around $110 per sale.

Click Funnel affiliate program.

We should not compare one affiliate program with another. Because all the affilaite programs having some unique features. It is the best way to receive passive income.

Each and every affiliates will love click funnel and get resposes affilaite programs

Before going to commission rates you must know what is click funnel?

Click funnel is a software to build sales funnels to create upsell and downsell for your products or affiliate link(We will see it in detail at “How to promote your products” section)

How much commissions they will give?

They have 14 days trail pack afer that they have 2 subscription plans one is $97 per month and another $297 per month.

The best part is this is not a single payment, they will give you commissions every single month for one referral.

For example, if I refer my friend to click funnel and after 14 days he subscribed for $97  then I will get 40% commission that is $38.67. After one month if my friend again renewed for another month I will get another 40% commission and It will go on as far as my friend continues his service.

So if you refer 20 person to Click funnel it is more than enough to get regular passive income.

Funnel affiliate marketing

From the above image you can able to see my points. The concern is you need lots to marketing skills to promote this software to targeted people.

Get response affiliate program

Get response is also a powerful marketing tool in the marketing. With Get response we can send unlimited mails to our customers and we can design high converting mail template.

The best part is Get response also follow the same rules of Click funnels as they will also pay monthly.

They have 30 days free trail after that the plans are starting from $15. As long as your referrals paying monthly fee, you will get 33% commissions for each and every month.

So if you have good marketing skills or marketing experience, you must try Click Funnels and Get response.

If you are not interested with Get response, you can also go with AWeber or Send in blue affiliate programs.

Apart from these programs, you can join Warrior plus, Share A Sale and Market health affiliate programs which will the perfect alternative programs, if you failed on other programs.

How to select a niche?

Selecting a niche is the crucial part in marketing. You must know your basic plans and also you should know what are the people you are going to target and how much people are interested in your product.

Infact there are millions of searches going on Google and people always searching for something and for all the niches you must have a competition and you have to beat your competitor to rank on google.

You must have a proper search like which products are trending and what are the products which are selling good in the market.

Which niche can convert well?

The main thing is you must select the niche which resolves a customer’s problem.

For example: If a person having a problem of hair loss at young age and it is a very big problem too. I found a medicine which is having a good reviews and it might be the resolution for customer’s problem. If I promote the products to those person it is having a very big chance to convert.
So if you select a niche, it must solve your customer’s problem then only people will get interested to buy.
Or else you need to select a paricular category and concentrate on that category.
For example if you choose home appliances, you can promote all the home appliances like Smart TV, AC, Washing machine etc.
Most of the experts told that to select a single niche and concentrate on that and I accept it but what I can suggest if you are not getting a success and doesn’t have a single improvment on the niche that you have selected, you can try any other niche.

How to promote your product?

Well this is a million dollar question and if 100 people are starting to do affiliate marketing hardly 10-15 people only succeed. Rest of the people will stuck on the promotion.

This is because they might have not marketing skills or they do not have proper marketing strategy. I can accept that you might be a beginner and you might not having any marketing skills. Even when I started I do  ot have any marketing skills after that I developed myself.

Most of the people just throw away or they just quit what they are doing if they haven’t got early results. Believe me guys I started an online business called dropshipping and I lost so much of money and I haven’t got any sales for forst 4 months.

Then I changed niche and I changed my strategy and developed my marketing skills. I succeeded after 5 months only. To start an online business the first thing you need is patience.

You can develop your skills, you can change the strategy but patience is the most important thing when it comes to earning.

What are the ways you can promote your affiliate link?

Now I am going to you tell you what are that ways to promote your affiliate link and then we will see the detailed explanation step by step.

  1. Blogging
  2. Social media marketing(Facebook,instagram)
  3. Pinterest
  4. Facebook and Google ads
  5. Sales funnels
  6. email marketing
  7. Quora and forums
  8. Other traffic resources


Blogging is the first and the most necessary thing when it comes to online. We can simply say if you do not have a blog, you cannot simply run any business online.

You can easily do affiliate marketing with blog.

Yes without blog you can earn money online but it is limited and part time only. If you need a parmenent business you need a website also if you are going to start an affiliate marketing you must need your own website.

How to get started?

The main factor is you need to select a perfect niche to post on your blog. For example if you like smart phones, you need a website based on smart phones and you need to put content or review on new smart phones.

So if a person search ‘best smart phone in India under 15,000’ and your content is similar to this query google will display your content. You can put all the best smart phones and put the amazon affilate links.

So if anyone clicks on that link and buys that product within 24 hours you will commissions.

It is not necessary to buy the product right away, Amazon is having a 24 hours cookie period.

For example if I wrote a content about smart phones and a person clicks on my affiliate link at 17th Sep 2.20pm  and went to to check the product but he is having some network issues or other issues so he closed that page. Even if he close that page amazon will give 24 hours validity for that click so if the same customer ordered the product before 18th sep 2.20pm you will get full affiliate commissions.

Please note that for all the affiliate programs will have a cookie period, please read the terms and conditions before you join.

How to create a blog and how much you need to invest?

You can create a blog with free of cost itself. Just go to google and type they will have a premium and free plans to start your website. Choose free plan and follow the instruction to get started.

Apart from wordpress you can create free website with or

But the main problem is they will be lots of limitations when you create free websites. They will give you limited amount of space only so if you create more content your website will get slow down and you will not get customer support if you have a trouble.

So if you are going to start a business for a full time I recommend you must spend some money and create a new website with your own domain name.

Why it is recommended to pay for website even if I get free?

Free website providers will have a slow servers and it will decrease your rank in google also if your website was hacked or something happened wrongly it is very hard to recover if you are using a free website.

But if you paid for some hosting company to get a domain name and hosting for your blog they will have a regular backups for your website.

So all the efforts and your work will not get wasted.

How do I get hosting and domain name for my website?

There are lots and lots of companies are available on the market like GoDaddy, hosgator, Site Ground, Blue Host, hostinger etc.

And in my experience I have created websites, ecommerce store, blogs for me and my clients with almost all the hosting providers.

Among these hosting companies my recommendations are Site Ground and Blue Host . These two hosting companies are amazing in my experience.

So if you like to but a web hosting you can choose either Site Ground or Blue Host Before you are going to buy a hosting if you are a beginner I would strongly suggest you to read the article hereto find which is the best hosting company and why?.

Once you created a new blog you can select your niche and start posting an article.

Please note that some affiliate networks will not allow you to share the affiliate links on social media and also with paid ads. In pinterest you are not allowed to put affiliate links.

Hence you must need a blog to do an affiliate business. Even if you don’t have much investment to go for paid websites you can create free blogs as I mentioned above.

Social Media Marketing(Facebook and Instagram)

Social media is the most fast growing communities in the world especially facebook and instagram. You can get unlimited free traffic to your website or blog.

You can share your affiliate links in to instagram or facebook but it is not recommended. You should write some content in your blog and put affiliate links into that content and then share that content into social medias.

But the problem is if you share it by social media only you and your friends can able to see it and we cannot guarantee any sales from that. If it is a Click Bank link, it is almost impossible to get a sale.

Affiliate marketing promotion on Instagram

First select your niche and create a facebook page and a seperate instagram account. Then change that instagram account into business account. Give the user name related to your niche.

Once you done that just go to instagram and create some posts put some valid information on the description. You cannot able to put any links on instagram posts, the only way you can put is on your instagram profile bio.

Update a clean and neat bio and put the content link on the bio decsription and then start targeting people.

If I choose a product which is a weight loss product. Just go to instagram and type some keywords like ‘Diet’, ‘Weight loss’ , ‘Diet plan’ etc and you will get some instragram accounts which is based on diet tips and weight losing tips.


Just go to their followers list and start to follow the people, Once you start you will get the follow back from some people and they are your targeted audience. They are interested to loss weight and they might need diet plans or diet tips.

You will get 15% follow back as an average on instagram which means if you follow 100 people 15 people will follow you back. So just follow 200 people per day and you will get around 30 followers.

Just do this for a month and you will get 1000 followers. Also put 1-2 posts per day and search on google for some tips based on your nich and mention ‘If you know more link on bio, check it out’, in your post description.

You are going to put only 1-2 posts per day so search for a proper image and give the proper description to increase topic to your website.

Affiliate marketing promotion on facebook

Instagram is the recommended way to promote as I can able too see high conversion percentage on facebook. But you cannot underestimate facebook. With facebook also you can reach quality and targeted people.

Even if you are not going to use facebook it is recommended to have a facebook page which is linked with instagram and with your blog so that your users can contact through social media which helps you on SEO

They best way to promote on facebook is facebook groups. Still in most of the niche we have 100k members in a particular group. Go and search for groups and post 1-2 posts in all your groups with some valuable content and put your link in to your post description.

In facebook there is no limitations to share your links. But my recommendation is just go and put your website link into the facebook posts, don’t put any affiliate links, it might not convert.

Alternatively you can put some valuable content with the website link to the comments of the other people posts which is another way to get good traffic.

So doing affiliate marketing in facebook and instagram is the very effecive way to promote.


Pinterest is the effective and the most underrated traffic source in the market. When I was beginning, my main traffic source is pinterest. Because it is very effective and it will give you some quality traffic to your websites.

Pinterest is basically a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. But the difference these search engine will show the results as a website but in pinterest you have to upload a image which contains a description and you need to post it on to your profile

You can see the in the above image I created a pin for my affiliate product to reduce the belly fat. In the image itself I have mentioned the keyword.

Also there will be an option to write post description and website link section. You need to provide your website url in the website link area. So whenever someone clicks on your image, they will be redirected to your website.

Please note that pinterest will not accept affiliate links, if you put affiliate links on your website link section, your id might be banned so always use your website url

There will be a lots of groups available on pinterest you can join and post your pin on those groups to get more and more traffic

How do I create these images?

You doesn’t need great skills to create such images. Infact it is very easy. Just install picsart app and get some images on google and you must edit it and post it to pinterest.

Also if you know photoshop you can do it adobe photoshop or picassa. I used abobe photoshop for a while but the most recommended way to do this, there will be a website called in which you can create any designs for free.

Pinterest also a good way to promote your website to get affiliate marketing commissions.

Google and Facebook ads 

If you need quick results, you must need an advertisement. Google and Facebook ads can give you the quickest results than anything else.

If you are a complete beginner, I will never recommend to use Google and Facebook ads but if you have some investment and looking for some quick results, you can go with these ads.

Google Adwords

If you are in India, Google will give you Rs 2000 free for ads(it will differ from other countries), you can use it to start your business.

You need to select one targeted article with 3-4 keywords to rank for. If anyone searches for that keyword, your result will come at top.

For example if I have writted an article about “best web hosting services” and I used google ads for the keywords, ‘web hosting’, ‘web hosting companies’, best web hosting’.

If anyone search on google with any one of the above terms, my article come as the top result as ads.

affiliate marketing

From the above image you can able to see how google ads works. If more people paid to google for a particular keyword, google will display the one who paid more at the top.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads is also important for affiliate marketing. Infact you can get more and better results in Facebook ads than the Google if you use it correctly. If you don’t know how to use facebook ads, you will simply waste your money.

There will be lots of tutorial videos available in you tube about facebook and google ads and you need to search for those videos and gain some basic knowledge to work.

Facebook ads are much cheaper than the google ads and you will get high targeted traffic in facebook also you can create an event and giveaway some free ebooks and they will be a option to generate leads which means you can collect interested people emails.

You can also cover the targeted instagram audience also from facebook ads itself.

In facebook you have more options than google so if you are going to do ads, you can go for facebook ads rather than the google.

If you going to do affiliate marketing, better you can go with free ads. Once you came into good position, you can run paid ads for better conversion.

Sales funnles

Sales funnles are the brilliant way to promote your product. It has a huge amount of conversion rate. The secret behind the sales funnel is you can able to design very beautiful landing pages which can attract audiance.

Also you have the option to create forms in your landing pages so that you can collect emails of your customers. If you collect those emails, later you can able to send some offers to your customers like free ebook, free course etc to increase your conversion rate at peak.

The best thing about sales funnel, you can create a complete setup for upsells and downsells for your products.

For example if you are going to promote refridgerator, you can create a pop up states that get the stabilizer at 10% discount so customer might interested and might buy the stabilizer this is upsell. During checkout, you can able to put another option which states easy fridge cleaning kit at 15% discount and most of the customer might also but that.

These upsells and downsells are very crucial to increase your profit in affiliate marketing.

From the above image you can able to see the package extras which is the downsell. They have 4 downsells even if we buy any one of them it will be direct revenue for them.

For affiliate marketing business, everyone should have upsells and downsells to increase revenue.

There are lots of new companies available in market to create sales funnel but the one I recommend is Click funnel.

As I already told you in previous sections, you have 14 days free trail and it is having one of the best affiliate programs in the world.

Click funnels affiliate marketing

Just start your free trail with Click funnels and they have lots of premade templates, just go and edit anyone of the premade template.

Email marketing

Generating a lead and converting that lead into sale is the most basic rule in affiliate marketing.

How to convert a lead in to sale?

They are few ways to convert a lead in to sale. Facebook ads is the most common way to do that. But the best way to do that is by email marketing.

Before that we need to know what is a lead?

If a customer comes in to your website and started to read an article and it might interested on your writing skills or he might be interested to buy the product who knows.

So in our blog we must create an option to subscribe for a newsletters. Or you should have any other ways to collect their email address. Because people will not come and read all the articles.

If a customer comes into your website, he/she think you might have something on your website to give him what he needs. But at some point of time customer’s will not have their credit cards in their hand and customer might went to some other work.

As I told you earlier that all the websites having a cookie policy but what happen if the customer interested in that product and bought it on the same website after the cookie period.

The customer will get the product and the vendor get his sales but as an affiliate marketer  you will not get commission.

That’s why most of the people hardwork has been failed because they will not have an option to create a lead. Even if they have that option they do not try to convert it.

So the email marketing plays a major role in your affiliate marketing business. As I already told you, you must have a proper plan to execute to with the online market.

How to send a high converting mail to the customer?

To store the email id and to send the email to the customer, there are so many tools and software available in the market. There are free tools as well as paid tools available in the market.

In the blog section itself I told you that if you get something for free they will be lots of limitations.

So I recommend you to go with the paid software and the best one in the market is Get Response.

We have already talked about Get Response affiliate program also we have seen how effective that was.

Get response having a lots of premade email templates and each one of them is very high converting and it is auto responders

For example: If you have 1000 emails in your list and you need to send the beautifully created email to the customer and you need to send 1 email per day for 4 days, you can edit 4 premade templates with 4 different designs and schedule it for particular time. That’s it rest of the things software can do.

Even if we assume we can convert 2% only still we can get 20 sales and if we get $20 per sale we will get $400.

The above calculation is an assumption only. Get response email converts upto 10-15% and if you put clisk funnel’s sales funnel in that email link it will convert upto 25%.

The good thing is Get response is very cheap and the basic plan cost you only $15 per month.

If you don’t want to go for Get response, they will be a lots of free tools available in the market and you can use any of them but the best free tool is mail chimp which is a decent software. You might not get high converting email template in mail chimp but still it is way better than other free tools.

It is recommended to sign up for Get response and get your 30 days free trail.

Once your trail period gone, if you have money you can renew it or you can use mail chimp after 30 days.

To get your free trail click here.

Quora and Forums

If you are a complete beginner, you must try this to get free traffic and get started. It will give you the huge difference. When I started my business, I was the one man army and I doesn’t know anything about dropshipping and affiliate marketing.


So the best way I do to get more traffic is I will simply type a keyword related to my niche on google and I search for forums and I will comment some others post to link my website.

For example: If I wants to promote a product of share market course for beginners and I wrote an article about that and I need to promote it. All I will do is I will search on google share market forums in India, Google will display all the forums which are available in my country and there will be lots of article based on share market.

I will read that article for 4-5 minutes and I will just go and comment on the article with neat and clean sentence about 4-5 lines related to that article and and at the end of the comment I will mention like my link as “hey people check my article about share market for beginners and share your feedback” and I put my link on that comment.

Most of the people will read the comments and if your comment is very neat and clean, that website owner will display your comment at top.

So if that article gets 10,000 views per month atleast you will get around 100 views. If you do that for 15-20 forums, you will easily get 800-1000 visits.

Do not spam your link in any forums, it will never work. Just give a good comment, it will boost your traffic.


Quora is also a free traffic source which is currently growing on the market. Whatever you type in Google, you must have a quora result in the first page.

How quora works?

Quora is generally a question and answer community like people will ask the question to everyone on the community. If anyone knows the answer they can provide the answer and they can also put their link on their answer. So our target is to find the questions related to our content and answer that content.

For example: If I wrote the article about best software for email marketing, I will go to quora and on the search box I will search some keywords like, ’email marketing software’, ‘autoresponder software’, ‘auto email sender’. Then quora will display all the questions related to this keyword.

All you need do is just select some questions which is related to your article and answer it. Again don’t spam your link, quora is very strict and it will block your account. Give the proper answer to the question about 6-7 lines or even 10 lines and then put the link and type “to know more information click here”. Just try to answer atleast 10 questions.

If you put one or two lines answer, readers will not click on your link. Just provide some valuable information briefly and then put your link.

If your answer is very good and perfectly suitable for that question, google will rank your answer at the top of the page. Quora and Forums are like a hidden tresures. You need to do some basics right to get more traffic.

Other traffic sources

I mentioned 7 topics above which is more than enough to scale your affiliate marketing business. I will some other platforms where you can get traffic and I am not going to deeper, I will just mention some points.

If any of the above mentioned method has not worked well, you can try the below resources.

  • Affiliate marketing promotion with reddit- Reddit is the very big community in the market and they have sub community in almost all the topics. Just go to and post your story with link. You will get lots of traffic in reddit.
  • Affiliate marketing promotion with medium: Medium is also a very good playform to rank in google. Go to and write a story about your post about 1000 words and link it to your website. If your niche is not having much competition, you medium story will rank on gooogle.
  • Affiliate marketing promotion with twitter: At twitter you can get high converting targeted traffic. If you are not good with facebook and instagram you can do marketing on twitter. It is the best alternative
  • Linkedin: It is another alternative of Facebook and Instagram. If you need you can use all the 4 platforms.
  • Fiver: With you can fo anything you need. They have lots of freelancers just to do all the services online. If you need an article, you can go and ask someone to write an article. They can do setting facebook ads campign, creating pinterest images, setup google ads, promoting your website, helps you to rank on google and much more. The best thing is they will give you the thousands of targeted email list, with that you can do email marketing. You can try fiver also but you need some little investment.
  • Affiliate marketing promotion on youtube: If you can bale to speak well and explain the ideas well, you can simply start you tube channel and start explaining your affiliate products. You will get both ad revenue and affiliate marketing revenue.

So we are at the end of the article. We have seen how affiliate marketing works, what are the best affiliate programs, how to select a niche and how to promote in various platforms.

You can check these affiliate marketing online courses to know everything about affiliate marketing.

  1. ClickBank university program by Click Bank.
  2. Super affiliate program by John Crestani.
  3. 12 minutes affiliate program by Devon Brown.

If you have any doubts, comment below. Thank you for reading this article. Please share this to your friends.



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